Narrated by
Julianna Margulies

Directed by
Nicola Zavaglia & René Balcer

Written by
René Balcer & Nicola Zavaglia

Executive Producer
René Balcer

Executive Producer
Cheng Davis

Produced by
Nicola Zavaglia

Supervising producer
Elisabeth-Ann Gimber

Production Executive
Kamel Khalifa

Co-Executive Producers
Carolyn Hsu-Balcer
Lei Jiang

Directors of Photography
Carlos Ferrand
Olivier Léger
Nicola Zavaglia
René Balcer
Sylvestre Guidi

Edited by
Nicola Zavaglia
Jeremiah Hayes
René Balcer

Music composer
Judith Gruber-Stitzer

Animation by
Suzie Synnott

Special Participation
Tony Goldwyn
Eric Goldstaub (voice)
Nick Mancuso
Matteo Ricci (voice)

Square Word Calligraphy
Xu Bing

Zhu Hao Bing

Voice-Over Cast (English version)
Ho Feng Shan (voice) Tony Chong
Dr. Gu Jue (voice) Carolyn Fe
Prof. Su Zhiliang (voice) Nan Yang
Zhang Yongpei (voice) Alex De La Cruz
Zhou Huizhen (voice) Doreen Tang
Voice-Over Cast (Chinese version)
Narrator Nan Yang
Ho Feng Shan (Voice) Wei Chen
Matteo Ricci (Voice) Chia-Yen Yao
Eric Goldstaub (Voice) Bernie Yao
(order of appearance)

Keith Eisner
William Eisner
Lotte Marcus
Vera Sasson
Otto Schnepp
Jerry Moses
Harry Fiedler
Irena Steinfeldt
Director of the Department of the Righteous
Yad Vashem

William Chiang
Dr. Liliane Willens
Prof. Irene Eber
Dept. of East Asian Studies 
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. Su Zhiliang
Dean of History Department
Shanghai Normal University

Dr. Gu Jue
Zhang Yongpei
Zhou Huizhen
Roslyn Eisner

David Eisner
Jonathan Eisner

Sound Recordists Olivier Léger
Catherine Van Der Donckt
Paskal Perrault-Saule
Assistant to the Director Krassy Halatchev
Production Assistant Theresa Bonello
Location Fixers Jesse Coffino
Yang Ping
Translators Jesse Coffino
Carolyn Hsu-Balcer
Yang Ping
Steadicam Operators Sun Quilei
Liu Zhongyuan
Production Assistant Liu Zhao Zhen
Driver Bai Chun
Piano Rental Shanghai Zhengwei Musical Instrument Co.
Location Contact Ernst Vogel
Driver Stefan Christandl
Production Manager Noam Shalev
Location Karin Neumann
Camera Operator Yaniv Shmueli
Driver Gilad Rosenberg
Post-Production Supervisor Jeremiah Hayes
Services Provided by Peak Media
Peak Media Vice-President Marcuse Olivier
Post-Production Coordinators Ariane Baril
Nichola Lapierre
Head Archival Researcher Thea Toole
Researchers Julie Roorda
Terri Foxman
Shannon L’Hérault
Marianna Simeone
Carmel Kilkenny
Don Winkler
Assistant Picture Editors Tim Miron
Emmanuelle Lane
Geneviève Thibert
Nik Nikolaidis
Translation Yan Liang
Xi Feng
Xiaoxiao Yan
Translation Coordinator Ellen Warkentin
Chinese Dialogue Coach Veronique He
3D Photo Graphics Ivan Presser
Sound Designer Daniel Toussaint
Re-recording Mixer Daniel Toussaint
Dialogue Editor Tristan Capachionne
Sound Effects Editor Francis Gauthier
Foley Artist Lise Wedlock
Foley Recording Eric Md Lagacé
Sound Mixer Daniel Toussaint
Colorist Guillaume Millet
On-line Editor Guillaume Millet
Transcription Julie Roorda
Recording Studios The Cutting Room Studios (New York)
Astrolab Studios Inc. (Toronto)
Cinescope Sound (Vancouver)
Studiotoons Inc (Montreal)
Patches Sound Inc. (Los Angeles)
Dialogue recordists John Gratton (New York)
Rabby Teng & Luis Roderick Balcazar, (Toronto)
Gregor Phillips, (Vancouver)
Tristan Capacchione, (Montreal)
Jake Valentine, (Los Angeles)
Voice Casting Elite Casting (Canada)
Nadia Rona
Subtitles by Trans & Sub Coop
Accounting Elisabeth-Ann Gimber
Insurance Broker BFL Canada
Legal Counsel Sam Coppola, Gascon & Associates
Auditor Michael Katz, Katz & Associates
Travel Agents Sandro Girolamo, Vision Voyages
Lilian Ting, Harold Lee & Son Travel
Music Segments

“Wind blows…”
Words and Music by Huang Ruo
on behalf of G. RICORDI & CO. LONDON LTD. (SOCAN)
Performed by Huang Ruo, piano, and Arash Amini, cello

“Impromptu D 899, Op. 90, No 3 in G-flat major”
Composed Franz Schubert
performed by Zhu Hao Bing

“A Hundred Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix”
composed by Wang Jian Zhong
© 1973, by permission of the Wang Jian Zhong estate
performed by Zhu Hao Bing

Original Score Performed by
Simon Aldrich – Clarinet 1
Stephane Allard – Violin
Andrew Horton – Bass
Amanda Keesmaat – Cello
Laurence Sabourin – Accordion
Mark Simons – Clarinet 2

Additional Music Daniel Toussaint


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Very special thanks to:

Harold Newman
Will Cantler
Missy Malkin
Adam Berkowitz

The Producers Wish to Thank:

Paul Kelly

Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum
Chen Jian, CEO/Curator
Yang Ping, Liaison

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Hongkou District library

Shot on location in Canada, United States, China,
Austria, Italy and Israel.

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Time and Rhythm Cinema
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