7 thoughts on “联系我们”

  1. We are wondering when or if this film will be shown in Boston. My husband, John Chia-Wen Ho, grandfather was Feng-Shan Ho who was the Consul General in Vienna highlighted in the film.

    1. Right now the film is not scheduled to air on TV. Please check the “screenings” section on the website for a screening near you. New dates will be added periodically. And who is your friend’s father?
      Thank you

  2. Wow. Just saw the trailer for *Above the Drowning Sea*. Excellent. Had no idea of this event and it’s a story that needs to be told. Looking forward to watching the full length version of this doc. Good job.

  3. Hi, my name is Kelly. I was informed by my friend of this documentary before.
    I found a notice on your websit which says that the upcoming screening will be in Asia Society, New York on the 29th of September this year.
    Is it open to public? Where can I buy the ticket?
    Looking forward to your reply;-)


    1. The film is screening at Asia Society on the 28th, not the 29th and the event is sold out. There will be other screenings in the NY area and elsewhere. Please check the “Screenings” section on the website. Thank you.

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